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(Second photo delivery infrastructures San Marcos)

La Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru's largest university, the Alma Mater of Peru, the Dean of America, will meet 460 years of its founding on May 12 this year 2011. In May of this year is also important, and San Marcos in Peru, because through a process election (hopefully with universal suffrage and secret) will elect the new president (and vice) and they should be inaugurated, as expected by the country-a new era for San Marcos.

The main motivation of this Report is the desire and hope to see San Marcos ready to build the road to sustainable institutional development, which for claiming national and international prestige to become the best University of Peru and a of the best in Latin America and the world. San Marcos transform a new college, modern and competitive, is a collective duty and a national need.


photo The first installment of the infrastructures of San Marcos VIEW:

Master, historic and iconic main portal of the Faculty of Human Medicine of San Marcos, Alma Mater of Medicine in Peru and Latin America - San Fernando - Av Grau. In the main monument its founder Hipólito Unanue, busts behind Daniel A. Carrión and Cayetano Heredia, famous doctors scientific and San Marcos

Auditorium, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - San Borja

small animal clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Notwithstanding his many years of not being modernized or developed

Directed to High students, Ciudad Universitaria

Another environments Medicine Veterinary
Fray Tomás de San Martín, founder of San Marcos
Botanical Garden Historic San Marcos, located in San Fernando - Av Grau. It was founded in 1787

Joined the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - San Borja

Botanical Garden's historic San Marcos. Need self-governance and the participation of the Faculty of Biology

Another example of a neglected garden in the City Unviersitaria
Gardens of the Faculty of Human Medicine - San Fernando. Jardines de San Marcos better care
Gardens, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

La Clínica Universitaria de San Marcos. Notwithstanding his many years of existence, yet it shows growth and development at the expected levels

Modern Jorge Basadre of San Marcos. Good work. Behind a large building was constructed atop which display the coat of San Marcos
Monumental Stadium in San Marcos. One of the biggest stadiums in Latin America. For many years left. Not used for football games. Now is the scene of national and international mega-events. That is fine. However, despite the revenue it generates, there is still no improvement projects of infrastructure (access roads, for example) that enables become the biggest stage in Latin America, at San Marcos

Another view of the Botanical Garden of San Marcos located in San Fernando.
unique in Peru

Another view of the earth around the Stade de San Marcos. So since its opening remains

Modern College of Administrative Sciences in the University City. Requires an ongoing program of maintenance and monitoring. Prematurely its roof has become a junkyard.

Another view of earthly around the great San Marcos Stadium. It remains for decades

vehicular parking in front of the Student Lounge in the University City

Civic Plaza - Ciudad Universitaria. The University City project requires a great revival to be commensurate with the grandeur of San Marcos

Portal to enter the Monumental Stadium in San Marcos. Notwithstanding that in recent times has been generating resources for the implementation of major national and international events, there is no signs of improvement. Everything is the same. Do not even clean the walls, note the rough notice, wires and ropes abandoned for months, years. It is obvious the need for a large project to relaunch the Stade de San Marcos at the height of the largest University of Peru.

San Fernando
need of maintenance and surveillance of its main front

San Marcos continues to grow. The new Hall of the Faculty of Psychology at the University City

Modern Library Headquarters Central de San Marcos. An excellent

University of San Marcos Housing located in University City

main Avenida Ciudad Universitaria

State which is the historic Bosquesito of Arts, University City

Another view of the Bills abandoned

Another view of the physical environment of the City University

main entrance to the pool, in University City. Many years in the same situation

abandoned in the University City

Wall Historic San Marcos, University City. They say it was built to put there name plates of the managing authorities of San Marcos. Students were prevented because authorities were not up to San Marcos. It has never been a single plate, why was once called the "wall of shame." Luce proud the following: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - University of Peru, Dean of America - May 12, 1551.

The new Plaza Luis Alberto Sanchez, three times president of San Marcos. This bust is in front of the historic Casona de San Marcos, University Park, Center City Lima. San Marcos would administer the Park Plaza and the legendary Univesitario because historically under the Dean of America.

The iconic Casona de San Marcos. See the modern Centro Cultural de San Marcos. All right who are concerned about keeping Celebrity and the grandeur of San Marcos

The main pool at the Casona de San Marcos, witnessed great acts of academic, cultural and political

A modern and friendly tourist restaurant within the Casona de San Marcos

The beauty of the environments of the Casona de San Marcos

The first delivery of infrastructure San Marcos VIEW:


The rector of San Marcos absent

San Marcos loses ground:


Where is San Marcos?: html

The Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos de.html

honorary Doctors San Marcos:

About the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of San Marcos:

San Marcos: the decade of lost opportunities:

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Card Of Memory For Grandfather

A prayer for our brothers from Japan: We are with you.


That echoes my prayers come to you Lord,
For those who suffer in Japan,
For those who do not have peace
For those who are not themselves
For those who have lost faith. Give them hope.
Lord enlighten them and show them the path, encáusalos in your grace, to feel they are not alone, that above all things you have to you. Protect them.
And thank God for making us feel your love.


I ask you to bless my friends reading this right now, they reveal again Your love and power.
Holy Spirit I ask that you phone for your souls.
* Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy.
* Where there is doubt, renew confidence.
* Where there is tiredness, I ask you to give them understanding, patience, and strength to love learning.
* Where there is spiritual stagnation, I ask you to reveal your proximity to them, for a new beginning in faith.
* Where there is fear, reveal Your love and Your strength trasmíteles.
* Where there is sin, blocking their lives, make this go away.
* Bless their finances, grant more vision of you, who have the support of friends to give them strength and courage.
* Give them each discernment to distinguish the negative forces that might affect them, and reveal to them the power they have in you to overcome.
I beg you to grant these requests in the name of Mary our Mother.